The brand

NOUGATINE Paris is the story of a natural cosmetic brand of skincare for kids. Because we understand the importance of taking care of the skin, we developed a range of products from 3 years old. Children now also have the right to be spoiled thanks to NOUGATINE. A playful brand, fun and sweetened for your children, so that taking care of the skin becomes child's play.

NOUGATINE Paris - The kingdom of skincare for kids with candy fragrances

A universe Kids 100 % French 100 % Candy 100 %

It is a range of 9 natural products of very high quality inspired by the universe of French chic that are formulated with ingredients and charming fragrances from funfair-like ice cream flavours. All our products developed by an expert, are Made in France.

NOUGATINE Paris is a very innovative brand:

Our products are dermatologically tested, we carried out moisturizing tests proving the great efficacy of our products.

We are the only brand of skincare for kids to have developed a moisturizing cream of facial skincare dedicated to sensitive skins.

We carried out an investigative study to better know the skin specificities of children from various ethnic groups (the Middle East, Caucasian and Asian) and to create the best formulae for universal care.

We developed the "Organic Hydro-protect Complex" using, for the first time in cosmetics, maple syrup which is vegetal and has exceptional protective and moisturizing properties.

A blend of 4 organic and candy ingredients to create a natural protective barrier in all our products.

It is a happy cosmetic brand with excellent sensory and very effective products, fun textures for children and delicious fragrances they adore.


Children and NOUGATINE Paris

While listening to their desires and their tastes we designed our NOUGATINE products for your children. All your children’s imagination now concentrated in products with sweetie fragrances. We know well that it is useless trying to force our children to take care of themselves: they must do it out of pleasure, and enthusiastically.

We decided to go even further. NOUGATINE, a participative brand.

Your children, girls or boys, can become NOUGATINE Paris ambassadors and pass on to us their own ideas, sweet and colourful, their desires for new tastes and their opinions about NOUGATINE Paris.

Register your child as a NOUGATINE Paris ambassador so that the can express their ideas.