NOUGATINE Paris, the kingdom of skincare for kids with candy fragrances.

Because taking care of your skin from the youngest age must rhyme with pleasure and safety NOUGATINE Paris has created natural playful and quality products for your children.

NOUGATINE Paris presents its philosophy: a greedy, festive and checked universe.

Candy because...

Your daughter prefers playing with dolls? Your son with toy cars? It is true that taking of your skin when we are children is not really a priority. The time has come for your little poppets to take care of their skin, and to like it! NOUGATINE Paris has succeeded in combining CARE and ENTERTAINMENT.

We understood well, at NOUGATINE Paris, how important it is to take care of our skin from childhood. Thanks to a range of candy products, this learning phase can be from now on done with pleasure. No constraints, by using Chocodélice or Sensidouce, your child will ally softness of the skin and the pleasure of sweet candy fragrances. They can "treat themselves" from now on with vanilla, caramel, strawberry fragrances - all these flavours which they love so much!

We adapted our care products so that they are for their tastes and their desires and so that they take pleasure in taking care of their skin.

The carnival, the dream of all the children !

In order to tempt children to take care of their skin, it was essential for us to create a playful, festive and joyful universe. The carnival is a place which children love, all children. Girl or boy, the world of the carnival makes even the youngest child dream. Our products are thus inspired by this enchanted and colourful atmosphere to encourage children in this learning process. Your children open the flask of Nutrimiel, moisturizing body milk, and they are then carried away by the magic universe of the carnival. The soft smell of honey invades their thoughts: they see themselves riding the biggest and the most beautiful of all the horses on the carousel, crunching into a toffee apple, roaring with laughter with candy floss in hand …

NOUGATINE Paris allows them, for a few seconds, to escape, to travel far, far away in their children's dreams …
Use Chantimousse without delay, our cleansing face foam, with the texture of whipped cream!

Our passion: safety

It is certainly essential that children have fun and take pleasure in looking after their skin. But it is not enough because to NOUGATINE Paris, we understand to what extent the health of our children is precious. As mum, I thus place great importance on the quality and the safety of our products. It is essential that our children can take care of themselves in complete safety. That is why our products are dermatologically tested and undergo very strict tests to guarantee the highest tolerance.