Our charter of formulation

As responsible brand, NOUGATINE Paris developed a charter of strict and rigorous formulation to banish any potentially allergenic and irritating substance for the skin of your children. It aims at minimizing any possible risk of intolerance.

Our range of products was designed with precaution to answer at best a high dermatological tolerance. For that purpose, we select meticulously all the ingredients composing our products, ingredients which like and respect the skin of your children.

Our formulas present a percentage upper to 95 % of naturality .

All our formulas are:

  • Essential oil free 
  • PEG free

  •  Sulfate Surfactant free 
  • Alcohol free

  • Silicone free

Our formulas are dermatologically tested.
Conducting cutaneous hydration tests allowed us to evaluate the efficacy of our products with complete objectivity.

NOUGATINE Paris, a responsible brand

The respect: our cosmetics are not only candy and effective, but they also join a logic of respect for the human being, the animals and the Planet.

The security: we attach a big importance for the quality and for the performance of our cosmetics, in particular thanks to the tests under dermatological control and to the rigorous selection of ingredients composing our face and body care products.

A responsible brand

  1. A founder specialist of the cosmetic industry combines scientific and creative spirit.
  2. Products are made in France and meticulously selected.
  3. A formulation charter established with care.
  4. A brand who cares about you thanks to our ambassadors.
  5. Because the founder is also mum...