What is NOUGATINE Paris ?

NOUGATINE is a new cosmetics brand of skincare for children. It addresses boys and girls from 3 to 12 years old who wish to take care of their skin while respecting their specificities and tastes.


Why did we create NOUGATINE Paris, a brand dedicated to children?

Because the skin is naturally beautiful but more vulnerable, it requires a particular attention.The children from 3 to 12 years old use creams for babies or adults but it is about care which are not adapted either to the skin or in them tastes.

NOUGATINE Paris tempts them to learn to look after their skin in a universe of the carnival and the greedy flavors.

NOUGATINE Paris developed the first range of natural care adapted to the skin of the children of the various continents.


Are NOUGATINE Paris products safe for my children?

We place a great deal of importance on the quality and the performance of products.

Ingredients used for NOUGATINE Paris products were strictly selected with a maximal attention brought to the safety.

All our formulas do not contain either palm oil or paraben.


Do you engage in animal testing?

Our raw materials and our products are not only not tested on animals, but they are also Vegan, that is without animal-derived ingredients (except honey of biological origin).

NOUGATINE Paris is certified Cruelty Free, for ethical and responsible consumption.


Are your products made in France?

We make it a point of personal pride to employ a logic of eco-design, our products have no secondary packaging in order to protect the environment and are made in France.


What is a NOUGATINE Paris ambassador ? And how become it ?

As ambassador, your child will be brought to explain why he like NOUGATINE products.

He will have to share the values of the brand, worth knowing(namely) the greed, the carnival, the respect and the natural.

This role will allow them to meet other NOUGATINE children in the good mood.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our Web site to register your child.

Test our products and join the adventure NOUGATINE !