Why have we developed an "Organic Hydro-Protect Complex"?

Having carried out an investigative study on children’s skin specificities of various ethnic groups, we discovered: the skin of children is much drier and dehydrated than the adults' one.
Still under construction, it is not mature, and it is not ready to defend itself.
It does not retain enough necessary water for good cutaneous moisturization.

Consequently, it is essential to bring some water and other elements which fix the water in the superficial layers of the skin.
To act durably and deal with the symptoms and causes of dehydration.
To reinforce moisturization, it is necessary to create an on-surface film to make a barrier against TEWL (Trans-epidermal Water Loss)
It strengthens the cutaneous barrier and builds long-lasting moisturization.

NOUGATINE Paris developed, in partnership with its laboratory, the exclusive "Organic Hydro-protect Complex ", composed of 4 Organic and 100% Natural sweetie ingredients.

Each ingredient has a specific action which allows it to deal with the symptoms of dehydration.

To manage the symptoms of dehydration it is necessary:

- To slow down dehydration by creating an on-surface film: it is obtained by the presence of organic macadamia oil and organic sweet almond oil contained in our complex.

- To use the complementary nature of the humectants or hygroscopic agents contained in organic honey and organic maple syrup of our complex, which will improve and increase the moisture content of the skin.

Pouvoir Nougatine Paris a développé un « Complexe Hydro – protect BIO » ? Recherche et développement Nougatine Paris Complexe Hydro – Protect BIO », exclusif, constitué de 4 ingrédients 100 % Naturels BIO et Gourmands.

A real innovation: Nougatine Paris uses Organic Maple syrup for the first time in a cosmetic application.

The choice of the ingredients of the complex was not made randomly, we selected ingredients suggestive of candy for children.

Imagine this jar of vanilla ice cream or macadamia nut adored by children, the sweetness of the honey … candy flavours that children adore.

It is important to have a scientific discourse which is reassuring for parents but also to have products which please and attract children with their candy fragrances.

Thanks to the components of the "Organic Hydro-protect Complex" which re-balance water skin loss, Nougatine Paris proposes protective formulas whose ingredients can retain cutaneous water and to guarantee better long-term moisturization.