Why having led a forward-looking study?

At present, there are scientific studies on babies and teenagers' skin the skin, but no study exists on the specificity of children' skin (3-12 years) of various ethnic groups.

Therefore NOUGATINE Paris led this forward-looking study on the specificities of the skin of the children in association with the biomedical research center PERITESCO.

This clinical trial allowed to deepen the knowledge of the skin of the children of various ethnic groups.

It aims at realizing physico-chemical measures on the skin of the children of various ethnic groups, then to compare them to those of the adults to demonstrate a real need for hydration.

The results and the reports:

The study allowed to defined children panel's skin : Causasian, Average oriental and Asiatic.

The children have a supposed ineffective hydrolipidic film to protect the skin of the outside attacks.

The skin of the children still under construction is finer, less rich in fats; it presents a lipid indication lower than the adults' skin.

Furthermore, it is fragile, does not retain enough the water, its cutaneous barrier is still immature and it is not ready to defend itself.

One solution: to protect it daily with products adapted to its specificity.

It is what proposes NOUGATINE Paris by being the first skincare range for children, presenting universal formulae, that suits ALL children.