After caramel, vanilla and organic honey…let's integrate organic maple syrup!

Is maple syrup …. good for the skin?

You are certainly wondering what organic maple syrup is doing in a cosmetic product.

If we mention maple, what do you think of? A tree, Canada, a pancake with maple syrup, the melodious accent from Quebec … You are getting closer. A resistant tree, a soft and sweet flavour… You are getting even warmer!

A very long time ago, the maple tree was recognized for its medicinal qualities.

Let us give some explanations why. In its natural state, maple syrup (its Latin name Acer Saccharinum) is a "protective" sap. Indeed, it is useful as a shield for the maple, and for its bark. Maple syrup has the same effect on our skin. It protects the skin from outside attacks, such as the sun, the cold or the wind, and repairs it.

This invaluable syrup cares for and moisturizes extremely dry and dehydrated skins by absorbing and storing moisture coming from the environment: it is a hygroscopic action. It means that the water is attracted by the lower layers of the skin towards the upper layers.

Contrary to other numerous components, as the sea salt for example, the maple syrup is not at all drying up. It is from Organic and vegetal origin, healthy product and to use in complete safety. Nevertheless, it was never used in cosmetics.

NOUGATINE Paris innovates by using for the first time, in cosmetics, organic maple syrup.


Organic maple syrup, a novelty in the NOUGATINE Paris product range.

As you know, the skin of your children is particularly fragile and dried out.

Like all the ingredients we use, organic maple syrup has nutritional and stimulating properties for the skin of your children. It therefore seemed essential to us to integrate it into the composition of our products.

Thanks to the combined action of its properties, maple syrup is the key ingredient of our "Organic Hydro-protect" complex.

This new ingredient, maple syrup, integrates very well into our range of products, don’t you think?

The skin of your children is particularly fragile and dried out, it will now be soft and intensely moisturized.

Maple syrup, candy-like, moisturizing, nourishing and protective, suits the skin of your children perfectly !