Label Cruelty Free

The CRUELTY FREE label of PETA - "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals", the world largest animal rights organisation - is based on animal respect and protection. It guarantees that finished products and ingredients which compose them are not tested on animals.

CRUELTY FREE guarantees non-violent and animal-friendly consumption. No animal tests has been conduted on ingredients, formulations, or finished products.
Its label is a way for the consumers to make a commitment in a logic of responsible purchasing.

To buy a certified CRUELTY FREE product is:

  • Fighting all the violence done to animals ;
  • Making a commitment for a demanding, respectful consumption by every human being, ethical, reasonable


NOUGATINE products are fully CRUELTY FREE certified, they are not tested on animals.

NOUGATINE goes even further, by committing to an approach with our suppliers to select raw materials which have not been themselves tested on animals.

" As mom, I want to offer my children and the future generations a planet respecful of all living beings. To fit into all the criteria of the CRUELTY FREE label thus appeared to me perfectly natural. " Caroline

This certification, extremely exigent just like our brand, corresponds to the philosophy of NOUGATINE Paris.

Indeed, CRUELTY FREE, just like NOUGATINE Paris, contributes to developing mentalities and consumer habits. Safe, controlled and products respectful of the world which surrounds them.

To buy a NOUGATINE Paris product with the CRUELTY FREE label, it is to encourage animal friendly and responsible consumption.